A look at Armani suits and other formal attire for men and women

Armani Shoes

Armani shoes for men and women are a top notch choice in the footwear world, made in both casual and formal styles.

Growing constantly in terms of variety, Armani shoes have quickly become one of the more popular forms of high end shoe for fashion lovers.  There are athletic shoes, formal ones, sandals, and more.

Depending on what you might be looking for, there’s probably a pair of Armani shoes that will likely stand out in your mind.  These can be purchased locally in department stores, at Armani store locations like Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange, or online from a number of different retailers.

Let’s look at a few of the different types of Armani shoes to see if any of them might look like the type of shoe that you have in mind.

First, we’ll start out with a formal pair.  The Vernice penny loafers are a pair of Armani mens shoes that epitomize everything the brand stands for.  Taking a classic shoe and giving it a contemporary look and feel, these black loafers are made of patent leather  and shine.  These can easily be worn with suits.  The price tag on these is high, but what else would you expect from Giorgio Armani shoes?  They sell for $450 on average, though in due time there may very well be a markdown.

We’ll jump to another pair of leather Armani shoes next, but these are more casual.  The Armani classic leather tennis shoe is part of the Armani jeans line, and these shoes go really well with jeans and other casual wear.  Shaped and built just like a tennis shoe, they’re made of black leather and combine comfort and class for a shoe that bears all of the quality you’d come to expect from anything in the Armani line.  These sell for roughly $250.  High for a casual shoe, but high quality nonetheless.

It’s time to look at one for women, as there’s a great variety of Armani shoes for women out there too.  The patent platform Court Emporio Armani shoes have a stilleto heel and an almond toe, and they’ll come straight out of Italy if purchased online.  Selling for about $400 or so per pair, these rare finds will surely impress anyone who sees them.

Here’s a pair of Emporio Armani shoes that may appeal to men.  The Emporio Armani derby shoe is a patent leather shoe with an embossed print pattern.  This gives these Armani shoes a really unique look, and one that is most definitely bound to be an attention getter.

If you’re into the idea of keeping up with the times and wearing stylish shoes, these will appeal to you greatly.  As for how fashionable they be a few years from now, that’s anyone’s guess.  With a high price tag of $575, these Armani shoes are highly sought by many fashion lovers.

As you can see, Armani shoes are right up there with Gucci shoes, Prada shoes, and other popular high end brands.  There are many sneaker-style shoes made by Armani too, and unlike the Armani suits that we generally discuss here, shoes can be bought online more easily.  Take a chance on a pair if it’s within your price range, and keep an eye out for the many great sale offers that you’ll typically find.