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Mens Three Piece Suits

Mens three piece suits are a formal form of dress wear, consisting of a jacket, pants, and waistcoat.

Suits are commonly worn in the business world and also for many formal events and parties. This means that most men will have at least one suit in their wardrobe and there are a few choices as to the style you wear. While two piece suits comprising jacket and pants are typically the most common these days it is also possible to get mens three piece suits. These can be stylish garments and many people like the option of having a waistcoat to wear with their suit.

As the name suggests mens three piece suits consists of three separate garments. This includes the jacket and pants of a two piece suit with the additional garment being a waistcoat which is worn beneath the jacket. If you look back in history, the three piece style was the most common type of suit prior to the Second World War. However cloth rationing during this meant that the extra cloth needed to make a waistcoat was not available and during this era and following, the two piece suit became more popular. Despite making a comeback during the discotheque era of the 1970’s, the three piece suit has never really returned to its previous popularity. However it is still widely available today and there are many people that like the style.

There can be a few advantages to wearing mens three piece suits. In colder climates it is an extra layer of clothing which can help to keep you warmer. A waistcoat is a stylish accessory and this can add to the overall style of the suit. Waistcoats can be made with pockets and this provides a convenient and safer place to keep your money or valuables as opposed to an outer jacket pocket. While the pocket watch has largely been superseded by the wrist watch, wearing a waistcoat gives you the option of wearing a pocket watch and this can be an extremely stylish accessory for dressing up a suit.

Typically the waistcoat of a three piece suit is made of the same material as the jacket and pants. However it is also possible to get a more colorful waistcoat and this can be a simple way to add a little style to a more conservative suit. There are few different styles available and as with jackets it is possible to get single breasted or double breasted waistcoats. In terms of cost it is not expensive to move from a two piece to a three piece suit. Most waistcoats cost in the region of $30 to $40 so it is not a big additional costs.

Many retailers that sell ready made suits provide waistcoats as an optional extra and it is possible to include these to turn your suit into the three-piece style. JC Penney is an example of this and mens three piece suits from them can cost around $200. Other department stores and men’s fashion retailers are alternative places to look for ready made suits. However if you prefer custom made suits the price to purchase these will increase. The cost of a tailored three piece suit can cost $1,000 plus to have made. Typically the cost of a ready made or custom made suit will depend on the style and the types of fabric used.

If you like to be stylish for business or formal events then mens three piece suits can be the way to go. The addition of a waistcoat can provide an extra touch that stands you apart from the crowd. This can make it worth considering the next time you buy a suit.